Monday, January 5, 2009

Wolf Moon

Have you ever thought about the Wolf Moon?

January 10th is the full moon this month. As the full moon is always in the sign opposite the of the sun, the full moon is in Cancer, (while the sun is in Capricorn). So it's a great Sabbat to create ritual around hearth, home, family, and anything sensual. Cancer is also ruled by the breast, so a health ritual for anyone suffering from breast cancer would be appropriate.

It is also known as the Wolf Moon. Wolves, Jackals and Dogs have been associated with death, reincarnation, and funerary customs and often guarded the gates to the underworld. Dormarth the wolf was the Celtic guardian of Death's Door. In Ireland, two dogs guarded the gate of Death, the Moonland Emania. Since so many died in the dead of winter when survival depended on your hearth fire and your food stored from the harvest, naming this full moon the Wolf Moon makes sense.

So, honor the wolf. Howl at the moon. And give thanks for your family, home and all that you have. You have survived the winter, the days are getting longer and spring is on it's way.

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sarah said...

This is a beautiful comment about our beloved Wolf Moon.

I'm a great admirer of Celtic mithology. I'm glad to have found this interesting blog. As a woman, I belive that all of we have a witch, a fairy inside. I feel more deeply in touch with Nature as I grow older, and your advices keep me in this way.

Greetins from Spain and, please, forgive my poor English :))