Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn Equinox Botanicals

Herbs associated with the Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon:
acorns, apple, asters, benzoin, chamomile, ferns, frankincense, grains,
honeysuckle, marigold,
milkweed, mistletoe, mums, myrrh, oak leaves,
passionflower, pine, rose hips, rosemary, Rue, sage,
Solomon's seal,
thistles, tobacco, saffron, straw, sunflower, walnut, wheat, yarrow,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces is the a double whammy of energy if you want to weave magic relating to psychic powers, divination, dreams or spiritual awakening. The moon is a planet of intuition and mysteries. In her fullness, she brings the full power of the lady who rules that which must be seen without seeing, heard without hearing, and felt, but is beyond reach.

The moon in Pisces is the time to weave magic around divination, dreams, psychic healing, rest and relaxation, fantasy, and spiritual awakening.

To have both together is exemplary for rituals that would:

  • expand your powers as a diviner of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Dream work and the Tree of Life.

  • deepen your understanding of herb magic, stone magic, animal magic, and the alchemy of mixing oils, incense, and any other kinds ingredients for magical use.

  • initiation into The Mysteries

  • open yourself to greater spiritual awakening

  • dedications and thanks to the dark goddess

Keep in mind that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter (primary) and Neptune (secondary). So there is also the opportunity to use this time to weave magic around making your business dreams come true. Of course the day of the week also has influence from it's planetary ruler, so keep in mind how that would add to your ritual. For example, if the full moon in Pisces landed on a Friday, which is ruled by Venus, then you have the additional aspects of love magic or money magic to work with.

As for myself, I took advantage of the new moon in Leo that just passed to weave some business expansion magic and I will use this full moon to give thanks for the fact that it tripled my income!

Away with the Faeries

Been in Ireland over the summer and had a great time with family. I carefully visited a fairy fort near my parents house. I came bearing roses & other garden flowers. Fairy forts are seen as entrances to the world of Tuatha De Danann, peoples of the Goddess Danu, also known as the "Good People".

A neighbor told me a story about a mean landowner, Mrs. Burns, who purposefully disrespected the ring fort to show the superstitious people in the village how foolish they were. She danced in the middle of the ring, stomping and shouting. She was struck down and was in a wheelchair the rest of her life.