Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alder Moon

In the lunar tree calender of the Celts, the Alder tree is the 4th moon/month. The full moon of the month, is masculine in energy and works with the magical properties of spirituality, teaching, duty, and mental prowess. It's also the moon that controls weather magic. The full moon in the month of Alder, has been called the moon of utility, efficacy, and self guidance.

The energy of the Alder moon will boost you personal growth and self determination, enabling you to overcome obstacles and fears. It it also an appropriate time to reacquaint yourself with arcane knowledge, the seasons and shifting weather. The Alder moon has similar qualities to the Roman God Saturn, who is known as "the Teacher."

Photo By Charles Harkins

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alishaadrian99 said...

Good, I need some of that type of energy right now. Looking at moving back to Northern California at least part-time and I can use the boost.