Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Day

I had the pleasure of attending a public May Day celebration with the coven. It's great to see how Beltane, the beginning of Summer, is celebrated in different places.

In Ireland, bonfires are lit to mark the coming of summer and to banish the long nights of winter.

In Edinburgh Scotland, there is a modern revival the Beltane Fire Festival, which marks and celebrates the blossoming of spring.

In Cornwall, there is 'Obby 'Oss day (dialect for Hobby Horse), where the festivities start May Eve, by singing the Night Song:

Night song

Unite and unite and let us all unite,
For summer is acome unto day,
And whither we are going we will all unite,
In the merry morning of May.
I warn you young men everyone,
For summer is acome unto day,
To go to the green-wood and fetch your May home,
In the merry morning of May.
Arise up Mr. ..... and joy you betide,
For summer is acome unto day,
And bright is your bride that lies by your side,
In the merry morning of May.
Arise up Mrs. ..... and gold be your ring,
For summer is acome unto day,
And give to us a cup of ale the merrier we shall sing,
In the merry morning of May.
Arise up Miss ..... all in your gown of green,
For summer is acome unto day,
You are as fine a lady as wait upon the Queen,
In the merry morning of May.
Now fare you well, and we bid you all good cheer,
For summer is acome unto day,
We call once more unto your house before another year,
In the merry morning of May.

In addition to the pagan holy day of Beltane, May 1st is also International Workers Day. If you are anywhere near Minneapolis next Beltane, check out the MayDay Parade and Festival. In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre puts on the Festival that has been using water, flour, newspaper, paint, and unlimited imagination to tell stories that explore the struggles and celebrations of human existence since 1973. The annual MayDay Parade has always been rooted in two important traditional celebrations—the celebration of the Green Root of Earth’s green energy rising in Spring, and the Red Root of human work energy rising from mind, heart and hand. They marry pagan and political in an eye popping fashion.


Tavin said...

That is a beautiful picture of the May pole...love the video too, I saw it on beltane.org. Thanks for sharing.
Bright Bleesings to you and yours,

Stop by for a Spell said...

Thank you! I took several photos, which can be seen on facebook http://www.facebook.com/people/Free-Spells-Daily/1611031484

Jennifer Wright said...

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