Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Enchanting an instrument

This is a method of enchanting a creative tool, filling it with a creative energy for a specific use.
For example, by tools we mean, a musical instrument, a special pen, a laptop, paint brush. Anything that you are going to use in a creative way to express yourself.

This is the month of Awen or inspiration, so focusing on connecting to your creativity and the tools for it is a perfect New moon ritual. Especially potent at the beginning of any new creative project.

Using the Labyrinth, you can meditate silently while walking. Either visualizing your new project to completion or charging the instrument with focused intent. Sometimes having a mantra, that you repeat while walking, is helpful.

"By the Power of Three times Three,
Let this instrument sing with creativity."

The labyrinth above is at Glendalough, in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Photo by C. Siobhan Halstead, Shoobee Designs

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