Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A point of time

Time is something we measure and certainly can be measured in effect. But, most of all it's felt. We try to use it wisely. Sometimes it gets away from us. Sometimes it seems endless. But, although you can't hold it in your hand, we spend a lot of effort to capture it.

Time can give you a magical boost. While many pagans are aware of timing their rituals according to the phases of the moon, spell working is also effected by the time of day it is performed. Magically, the day is divided into quarters: sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight.

Each has a set of attributes:

Sunrise: new beginnings or new projects. Sunrise rituals are best for a new job, home, romance, etc.

Noon: the solar hour is for health, energy and increase. Want to grow your business or add to your family? This is the time of day for it.

Sunset: Twilight spells cross the veil into the emotional and spiritual realm. It is a time of endings, like getting rid of bad habits, or sending away negativity. If you want to make contact with someone on the other side this is the time to do it.

Midnight: The witching hour. The perfect time to create rituals to increase your knowledge of the occult. If you study any of the divination methods, such as Tarot, this is a wonderful time to ritually increase your knowledge of the arcane. Secrets are revealed in the dark so they may come to light at the right time...

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