Monday, April 6, 2009


There are a couple great astrology sites I check on a regular basis:

Susan Miller writes a great monthly forecast at Astrologyzone . She is consistently uncannily accurate. Her forecast are substantial in length and full of real advice, not superstitious speculation. The specific dates and windows of opportunity are particularly useful.

Lisa Dale Miller at Astrowidom writes great detailed reports, called Moon Messages, in the full moon and new moon phases.

Stephanie Azaria at Cosmicpath provides a daily weather report (retrogrades, moon transits etc) and a weekly sign horoscope.

The folks at Astro offer an amazing assortment of personalized free charts & reports, using your birth data. The astrocartography is one of the features that makes this site stand out from the others.

All of these sites offer great information at no charge. Detailed personal readings are usually available for a fee.

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