Thursday, April 2, 2009

Magical Properties of Alder Trees

The Alder Tree is the third tree in the Celtic lunar year. It's name comes from the Old English ealdoer, which means "chief,"as in alderman. The tree is known for helping those who must resolve disputes see the truth from falsehood and so be able to grant justice.

The Greek word for Alder is clethera, which means "I confine" speaking to the Alders' protective qualities. It is also a tree associated with "the sight"as it is considered to posses psychic qualities. The tree is a favorite of Bran The Blessed and his raven.

Alder wood is used effectively in weather magick. Wands of Alder wood may only be gathered as fallen branches, for to cut an Alder returns all of it's power to the ground. The Alder wand may be used to summon the winds, rain and storms to nourish the land or return balance to the area. You can make a whistle of Alder to summon the four winds.

Alder wood wands also help supplement the inner strength needed to overcome adversaries when challenged and frightened. It bestows courage and represents the evolving spirit.

A Wand or Staff of Alder is for the Warrior. In the Celtic Story Cad Goddau, the Battle Of The Trees, the Alder tooks it's position on the front lines. Since it is the tree of fire, it is the hottest in a fight. The Alder is also known as the "Battle Witch" of all woods.
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