Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greek God Pan

For this spell you will need:
  • An image of Pan
  • A green candle
  • Vetivert Essential Oil (or Pan Oil, the Paganwise has a great recipe here)

  1. Get naked
  2. Set up altar to Pan with image and other offerings
  3. Anoint green candle, place in holder
  4. Read Pan poetry, my favorite is below
  5. Light the candle.

Pan the Hymns of Orpheus trans. by R.C.Hogart

Great Pan, God of the wild
We honor you, ruler of the sky
sea and earth, Light
ensouling all.

The world is yours
Every thing reflects you

Delighted by shady groves'
dancer under the stars
you rule the seasons

Pan, shepherd of goats,
giver of milk, meet and skin,
your horns sprouted
and the world began.

Inspire us
with dance and song.
Protect us from fear.

You love the hunt,
Echo's solitary song
and playful nymphs

All your works
reach fruition.
You rule increase.

Pan, splendid as a cloudless sky
sweet as fruit,
obscure as the deepest cave,
subtle as a snake'

wise as a wolf
no man can resist
your panic.

You hold up the Earth.
You rule the restless sea,
even ancient Ocean, Earth hugger,
loves your law

Air nourishes fire,
fire inspires life.
even the shining blue sky
loves your law.

Protect and care for
matter dancing everywhere.
Grace us.

Lift us, mighty Pan
come near, excite us.
Give us creative power
and freedom from fear.

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