Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travelers Protection

Carry this pouch with you during travels afar.
Element: Air
Sacred to: Diana and Bacchus
Properties: Calms fears, lends courage, powerful amulet for travelers, protects aginst theives, Malachite
Element: Earth
Sacred to: Hathor, Venus and Freya
Properties: Worn to detect impending danger, will shatter to warn of forthcoming peril, protective magic, worn to guard against negativity & physical danger, travelers guardian
Element: Water
Sacred to: Selene, Isis, Hina & all lunar goddesses
Properties: Because the moon travels through the houses of the zodiac signs, it's stone is a protective charm for travelers, carry or wear when you are away from home, especially during travel over or on the water
Tiger's Eye
Element: Fire
Sacred to: Apollo, Amaterasu, Ra and Lugh
Properties: Roma soldiers wore Tiger's Eye engraved with symbols for protection during battle. Wear to protect from all forms of danger.

For this spell, you will need
  • A red pouch
  • White thread & a needle
  • amethyst
  • malachite
  • moonstone
  • tigers eye

  1. Sew the Radiho (the R shaped one) rune onto the red pouch. Radiho means wheel and journey.
  2. Add all of the stones and you blessings of protection.
  3. Tie up the pouch and travel away!

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