Thursday, November 13, 2008

Altar Cloth

Altar Cloths made to express particular sentiment are a wonderful addition to any spell casting. Altar cloths can change an area of dedication from a love altar to a health altar rapidly. They are usually one of the first pieces of altar building to be considered for any ritual.

You can never have to many. As a matter of fact, as you build your own personal collection, you will start to determine what makes them "collectible". Consider your criteria when making them as gifts. There are several things to ponder:
  • Shape -rectangle, square, round, ect.
  • Color - choose according to the planetary attribute or vibration you wish to invoke.
  • Size - measurements have their own magic. Look to numerology and Magic Squares for more information.
  • Decoration - symbols and ornament can be added to the cloth. Your choices are endless, but pertinent. Beads, bones, feathers, fringe, ribbon, yarn, embroidery, painted stencils, and freehand painting are just a few of the choices you have to embellish the cloth.
  • Symbols and design - do your research. Choosing symbols for another can be tricky. I find meditating on my best intention for someone usually reaps reward.

As with any creative endeavor, its really an expression of your souls love for another. So flow with it. Imbue your project with the right vibration when making it and it will be cherished no matter what.

If you don't have time for such a sewing project but like the idea for a gift, here are a few I would recommend.

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