Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Fuming!

Perfuming, that is.

While perfumes are worn as a highly personalized bit of self-expression, they are acutely interactive. Why? because they engage one of our most acute senses, smell. Scents can be invigorating, relaxing, seductive, and trigger memories. Memory is a cornerstone of our personality. Who we are is built on our experiences. So, we can effect each other on a deeply intimate level through the perfumes we wear.

I love to create perfumes with someone in mind. I get great satisfaction from being a mixologist. I will include a few of my favorite recipes, but it's very satisfying come up with your own. Feel free to experiment!

Moonlight Perfume (to bring out The Goddess)
Alcohol (at least 60%) = 1 .5 Cups
Tincture of Tonka Bean = 2 T(Tablespoon)
Essential Oil of Rose Attar = 1 T
Essential Oil of Neroli = 1.5 T
Hydrosol Extract of Tuberose = 2 T
Hydrosol Extract of Pikake (Hawaiian Jasmine) = 1 T

Dissolve the oils into the alcohol. Seal in a bottle wait at last 1 week before you try the perfume as the mixture must blend together. Make sure that the bottle you use is glass, not plastic. The bottle needs a tight stopper, like cork.

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