Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ouanga Bags

If your Pagan friends practice Charm Magick, then having a handy stash of Ouanga Bags is a great gift. Used for charms and as personal power bags, they are small fabric "carrying cases" for herbs, stones, parchments, seals, and any other magick necessities.

I usually sew mine out of various types of cloth, some in every color of the rainbow. Cut velvet red bags work well for Love Charms. Green Hemp bags work amazing for money spells. Purple silk bags are wonderful for divination charms.

I make mine with draw string closures, if I am feeling fancy. Otherwise I can just tie them off with the appropriate cord. Sometimes I will paint a symbol on them, but most of the time I leave them blank, so I can carry them more discreetly.


Anonymous said...

Gee's I used to carry one of those around with me when I was 3-4yrs old and that was back in the 70's...Good to actually know what the name of it is again... Been so out of touch...

Stop by for a Spell said...

Loves it! It's funny what wisdom our child selves knew.